Saturday, September 15, 2012

Service Members: Enjoy An Exotic Tokyo Vacation For Only $1,836.86 Round Trip From Chicago

Military discounted airline tickets are not limited to domestic destinations. On September 14, service members can purchase a round trip ticket from Chicago to Tokyo for just $1,836.86. This value-priced airfare puts a Tokyo vacation within reach for military personnel with limited budgets. Explore what Tokyo has to offer because it may become your next leave destination!

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and part of the largest metropolitan area on the planet. The Japanese Imperial Family calls this city home, as do more than 13 million other people. As of 2008, the Tokyo metropolitan area had more purchasing power than the metropolitan area including New York City. More Fortune Global 500 companies are based in Tokyo than in any other city in the world.

With so much commerce taking place, it makes sense that discount airline tickets would be available to Tokyo. In addition, many Tokyo hotels cater to budget-conscious travelers. The Sunroute Plaza hotel is extremely popular and is located in the center of Shinjuku, exposing travelers to city life. Many good, reasonably priced restaurants are nearby including Yi-an, which is located in an otherwise unremarkable office building.

Tokyo is filled with culture, offering museums, theaters, and festivals. The Tokyo National Museum is the largest of its kind in the country and features Asian artwork and archeological objects. It is located in Ueno Park, an attraction in itself. One of the first public parks in the country, it is known for its museums, cherry blossoms, birds, and thousands of trees.

As this $1,836.86 round trip flight from Chicago to Tokyo illustrates, cheap airline tickets for military personnel open the doors to other worlds. A vacation in Tokyo will never be forgotten and this destination may become a favorite. Click here to purchase this ticket and start planning the vacation of a lifetime.

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