Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gettysburg: Military History And Spooky Fun

Military families who enjoy Halloween should purchase discount airline tickets to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, during this season. This small town has a rich military history and is said to be the site of some ghostly activity. After learning what Gettysburg has to offer, you may discover that this is the perfect Halloween vacation for your family.

Gettysburg was ground zero for the American Civil War during July, 1863. The bloody Battle of Gettysburg had more than 51,000 Confederate and Union casualties. Gettysburg National Cemetery holds 3,512 of the Union dead and many historic homes-turned-Confederate field hospitals have been preserved. This creates an area rife with ghostly activity, say some.

Each year, more than two million people visit Gettysburg to learn about military history. April through November are the busiest months, with tourism peaking during the three-day battle anniversary in July. Throughout the season, visitors can take ghost tours but there is nothing like touring the area during Halloween time. Some tour operators even offer candlelight tours and séances.

Military discounted airline tickets are frequently available to the Philadelphia area and it is just a short drive from there to Gettysburg. Visitors can take walking, trolley, and bus ghost tours and join gatherings where ghost stories are told. Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours are the original ghost tours of the town and formed the basis of best-selling books by Mark Nesbitt. Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Candlelight Ghost Tours are the second-oldest area tours and are operated by a descendent of the Codori Farm, site of Pickett’s Charge.

Haunted America Tours named Gettysburg the third most haunted American city in 2008. Gettysburg Hotel, Cashtown Inn, the Farnsworth House, and Baladerry Inn are among the sites with reported paranormal activity. Click here to find a military discount airline ticket for each member of the family and prepare to be spooked! 

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